Hemporium CBD Raw Hemp CBD Paste

£31.50 every 2 weeks


Hemporium CBD Raw Hemp CBD Paste is a brand new product brought to you by us using Nano Technology! You can now subscribe to save 30% and forget about the stress of having to order. We will send you a paste every 2 weeks straight to your door!

This 1000mg paste can be taken orally or applied topically! It is Full Spectrum meaning that it contains all of the plant compounds found naturally in the hemp plant. In addition to the cannabinoids in this paste, the Hemporium CBD paste contains many beneficial elements such as terpenes, waxes, fats and amino-acids to give you the full ‘Entourage effect’. This paste is rich in CBD, CBG and natural antioxidants.

We have had nothing but amazing reviews on our paste and we know it will become your new favourite product!